Birth Injuries Often Resulting from Prolonged Births

When a child's delivery is delayed, this can sometimes lead to a tragic birth injury such as brain damage. In the past, brain injuries due to delayed deliveries have lead to successful birth injury claims. However, you will need to first work with a birth injury lawyer to explain what went wrong during the delivery and how the medical staff was negligent.  1. Seeking Compensation for a Birth Injury If a baby is in a birth canal for more than 18 hours, that baby is in distress. Read More 

The 4 Ways Successful Injury Cases Are Paid

One of the most common questions a personal injury lawyer will field is "What happens if we win? How will they pay?" It's a good idea to think about what might happen if your claim or suit is successful so here are four ways you might receive your compensation. Lump-Sum Payment From an Insurer This scenario presumes that an insurance adjuster has approved a claim. Generally, the company will pay the claim out as a lump sum only if they consider it small by their standards. Read More 

First Two Things You Need To Do If You Are The Victim Of A Pedestrian Accident

The average individual will likely not want to consider the possibility of being a victim of an accident that involves a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, these accidents happen on a daily basis, and they may involve different types of vehicles. Yes, even motorcycles can result in individuals injuring others due to their negligence.  Sometimes motor vehicle accidents involve pedestrians. These types of accidents can leave individuals unconscious with serious injuries or result in fatalities. Read More 

Commercial Real Estate Negotiations Are Higher Stake In A Rapidly Changing Market

A triumvirate of factors has led to a slowdown in commercial real estate sales. More employees are becoming teleworkers, economic growth has slowed, and unemployment is rising. Nonetheless, the distressed sales buyers are waiting for are not materializing. Instead, corporate real estate lawyers are reporting a large gap in seller and buyer expectations. A little give and take on both sides could get more deals done.  Negotiate  Even though private real estate funds are eager to invest their huge stashes of cash, commercial real estate sales are not getting completed. Read More 

Top Tips For Success When Reporting A Workers Compensation Claim

If you have been hurt while at work, then you should file a workers compensation claim. This is a necessity so that you can have your medical expenses and lost wages covered. If you are looking for tips for success when reporting a workers compensation claim, you will probably want to read on. Report the Incident as Soon as You Can One common mistake that many workers make is waiting too long to file their workers compensation claim. Read More