Four Things A Good Criminal Defense Will Do For You – Besides Simply Arguing Your Case

Most people know basically what a criminal defense attorney is. It's someone who argues on your behalf, calls witnesses on your behalf, and who cross-examines witnesses that the defense puts forward. But there's actually so much more that a criminal defense attorney will do for you in a legal case. Here's a look at four of the biggest things you can expect. Work to reduce your sentence Commonly known as a plea bargain, a good criminal defense attorney will work with your prosecutor to lessen your sentence, and potentially eliminate charges against you. Read More 

What Should You Do After Being Served A Divorce Petition?

Unless you and your spouse have discussed getting divorces, being served papers can be a surprising experience. Unfortunately, time is not always on your side in a divorce and your spouse is already considerably ahead of you by the time you are served. If you have just been served papers, here are some tips for what you need to do now.  Respond to the Petition It is imperative that you file a response to the petition with the court. Read More 

Older Child Adoption Myths And The Truth

When it comes to adoption, many people are more interested in adopting an infant or young child. Unfortunately, this can leave many older children in need of adoption without a family. Part of the doubt about older children has to do with myths and misconceptions about them. To help you separate truth from fiction, here are some of the most common misconceptions  and the truth about older children adoptions.  Myth: Older Children Do Not Recover from Their Past Read More 

Reasons Why A Business Law Attorney Is Necessary For Your Company

Are you an entrepreneur with a brand new business? Are you trying to decide if hiring an attorney with business law experience is a good idea, or an unnecessary expense? Here are some reasons that an attorney can be a necessity when starting off: Writing and reviewing contracts: When starting a new company, the amount of paperwork to deal with can be overwhelming. The lease on your new facility could contain confusing phrases that almost seem to be in another language. Read More 

What Happens When Your Bail Bonds Is Revoked?

If you bail someone out of jail, then he or she is allowed to return to their normal life. Most people post a quick bail bonds in good faith. If the defendant decides to act poorly, then the court can revoke his or her bail. Who Can Revoke Bail? The rules and regulations for bail revocation varies depending on the state. Most states allow bondsman to revoke bail or to detain the defendant. Read More