Factors Determining Child Injuries In Car Accidents

As a parent, one of the scariest things you can ever face is to get into a car accident with your child as a passenger. If such an unfortunate thing happens, here are some of the factors that may determine your child's injuries. Where the Child Is Sitting This is an important issue because some seats in the car are safer for your child than others. The front seat, in particular, is particularly dangerous for children; one reason for this is because the airbags weren't designed to protect young people or work with car seats. Read More 

You Can Fight That DUI Charge, And Here’s How

Finding yourself behind bars for a DUI arrest can leave you dealing with a number of emotions. You may be angry, fearful, embarrassed and most of, confused. To help lessen that confusion, contact a defense attorney at your earliest chance. You should realize that while being charged with such a serious offense is disheartening, being charged is not the same thing as being found guilty and you have every right to expect justice. Read More 

I’m Not Ready For This: What To Do When Your Ex Wants To Modify The Custody Agreement And Move Away

When you share custody of your child with the other parent, it can seem like you're always walking on a tightrope. At times it can feel like the tightrope is being shaken, and you're about to lose your footing. One of the times it can feel like that is when the other parent talks about moving. If the other parent has told you they're moving out of the area, and they want to modify the custody arrangement, it's time to grab hold of something, especially if you're not prepared for a modification, or to have your child travel long distances alone. Read More 

Is Your Car A Lemon? You Have Legal Recourse

When you purchase a car, even a used car, you expect it to work. You expect to be able to drive it off the lot, and use it without it breaking down. You expect that you may have to haggle, but you will walk away with a fair deal. If you walk away with a vehicle that breaks right away, or you end up with a loan or financing deal that isn't what it seems to be, you have been subject to a lemon. Read More 

What Kinds Of Damages Can You Win If You Sue For Sexual Assault?

Although the Harvey Weinstein controversy has made many people more comfortable coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault, it doesn't change the fact that only 7 out of 1,000 cases of sexual assault will actually result in convictions. The only redress available to many victims is to sue for damages in civil court, but what kind of compensation will you win if you go this route? It depends on the specifics of the case. Read More