Been In A Car Accident? What Not To Look For In A Qualified Attorney

After you're involved in a car accident, one of the most important decisions you'll have to make concerns which lawyer you will select.  While it would seem that the abundance of accident attorneys across the country would make it easy to find a lawyer rather easily, there are numerous considerations that you should make to ensure that you're choosing the right legal representation.  Use this information to learn more about what not to look for in a qualified accident lawyer. Read More 

5 Estate Planning Tips For Newlyweds

Getting married means that it's time for a lot of paperwork and updating. While most newlyweds know that they need to create and change names on joint accounts, they may overlook estate planning. Taking the time to sit down and create a plan is an important post-nuptial activity that can ensure that your new family gets off on the right foot. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Check All Beneficiary Plans Read More 

3 Financial Mistakes That You Need To Avoid During Settlement Negotiations

Following a divorce, one spouse may become a bit more financially dependent upon the other. In order to avoid do this, you'll need to make sure that you avoid some of the most common financial-related mistakes that many tend to fall prey to when getting divorced. Here are three financial blunders you will want and need to avoid when negotiating your divorce settlement: 1. Overlooking the Power of Mediation. The best thing you and your spouse can do is to work together to reach a fair settlement for divorce-related issues. Read More 

Important Information To Help You Understand How Marital Debt Can Impact Your Divorce

Although divorce is rarely an easy or simple decision, it is often complicated by the amount of debt you and your spouse have. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how much debt is owed and what kind of debt it is, before selecting an attorney.     In addition, if you and your spouse do not jointly agree to both the decision to divorce and the resulting division of debt, it is often better to hire an experienced trial attorney that handles divorces. Read More 

Cohabitation Agreements: What Should And Should Not Be In It?

If you and your partner have lived together a long time without marriage, you might not have any legal protections for your assets if you split up. Unless you live in a state that recognizes common law marriages, you need to take steps to protect your property and to decide what happens with debts. To help you create a cohabitation agreement that works for both you and your partner, here is what you need to know. Read More