Dealing With Both A Criminal And Civil Charge For The Same Offense

Often, a criminal case can also bring you civil charges. Many people don't understand the difference between the two types of charges. It's important that you know how the two can come at you simultaneously so you can better prepare for them. Dealing with Dual Cases Your criminal charge can involve injuring someone or affecting them in a negative but tangible way. The person so affected has the right to press civil charges against you. Read More 

Winning Your Unemployment Hearing

Losing a job can be a very stressful and troubling time in your life.  Unemployment benefits are available to help cushion the blow of losing a job if you qualify for them. Applying for Unemployment If you have lost your job, the first step to receiving unemployment benefits is to apply for them.  Your state unemployment office will assist you in this process.  After applying for benefits, your state will contact your former employer. Read More 

Considering Moving Your Kids After Your Divorce? Here’s What You Need To Know

Many parents consider moving out of town immediately after a divorce to help them and their children get a fresh start. While moving does have its advantages, there are also several considerations that you need to take into account to help your children thrive during this new phase of their lives. Emotional Issues Children who move away from one of their parents will need strong support to help cope with the change. Read More