Commercial Real Estate Negotiations Are Higher Stake In A Rapidly Changing Market

A triumvirate of factors has led to a slowdown in commercial real estate sales. More employees are becoming teleworkers, economic growth has slowed, and unemployment is rising. Nonetheless, the distressed sales buyers are waiting for are not materializing. Instead, corporate real estate lawyers are reporting a large gap in seller and buyer expectations. A little give and take on both sides could get more deals done.  Negotiate  Even though private real estate funds are eager to invest their huge stashes of cash, commercial real estate sales are not getting completed. Read More 

Top Tips For Success When Reporting A Workers Compensation Claim

If you have been hurt while at work, then you should file a workers compensation claim. This is a necessity so that you can have your medical expenses and lost wages covered. If you are looking for tips for success when reporting a workers compensation claim, you will probably want to read on. Report the Incident as Soon as You Can One common mistake that many workers make is waiting too long to file their workers compensation claim. Read More 

5 Questions You May Have About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you seriously considering using Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate your credit card debts? If so, there are several things you should find out before filling out the documents. Here are five top questions to ask a lawyer before you choose this route. 1. How Long Does It Take? Asking about the timing of a case is essential, and the good news is that Chapter 7 cases are generally quick. If you file today, you might be finished with your case in just six months. Read More 

Protecting The Children: What To Expect From Family Court

When a child comes to the attention of a family court judge, they can expect an elevated level of protection. Minor children, particularly those involved in a divorce or other domestic situations, are thought to be in a vulnerable position. In some cases, the parents or a parent may not be doing enough to protect them. Read on to find out about how this protection works when it's needed most. Read More 

Why It’s Important To Have Your Legal Briefs Professionally Printed

Being a new attorney comes with a lot of learning curves. While you may have learned a lot of information in law school, nothing can prepare you for the real world quite like diving in head first. In addition to learning things like how to communicate well with clients, there are a few housekeeping things that you need to know how to do and why. For instance, the type of court you are presenting in will determine how your briefs need to look once they have been printed. Read More