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6 Benefits Of Investing In Small Multifamily Properties

Investing in real estate can be perplexing and mystifying for those who are first-time buyers. If you are thinking about purchasing investment property, one of the first things that you should do is to ask a professional real estate attorney about the benefits of buying a small multifamily property. Read on to learn about six good reasons why a residential multifamily building may be an excellent investment option for you: Read More 

“It Doesn’T Look Good”: How To Exonerate Yourself From A Serious Criminal Charge

In the back story of the movie The Lincoln Lawyer the cocky attorney Mickey Haller pressures a character named Jesus Martinez to take a plea deal for murdering a prostitute. Haller believed the defendant was guilty, but as Martinez serves time in a rough prison, Haller discovers he was innocent. You may find yourself identifying with Martinez, if you are charged with a serious crime and there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that makes you look guilty. Read More 

The Five Ways A Spouse May Hide Assets In A Divorce Today

A spouse has three motivations to hide assets and money in a divorce and these include the settlement, alimony, and child support. You can try to be reasonable in your demands so alleviate the other mate's fears and this may help things go to a fair conclusion for all. However, the sad fact is that some soon-to-be exes are not interested in honest negotiation. You need to be aware of the five current means that divorcing spouses can use to hide income and drain marital assets. Read More 

4 Reasons Why You Might Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal attorney will represent you if you have been charged with a crime. It's a typical error to believe that in the event that you are innocent of a crime you can just explain to the authorities your innocence and you will be exonerated. While all of us like to trust and believe that justice and truth prevail, the simple truth is that isn't consistently the case. If you find yourself facing any of the below situations, you will need a criminal attorney by your side. Read More 

Juvenile Detention: How Much Do You Know?

It is quite natural as a parent for you to worry about your children. Nothing is more worrisome than wondering how your children's actions and behaviors can be met with painful and uncomfortable consequences. Juvenile hall, juvenile delinquency, and juvenile courts come to mind when you catch your son or daughter making a bad choice. Yet, in spite of what you have heard, how much do you really know about juvenile detention? Read More