3 Services A Private Investigator Offers To Attorneys And Individuals

Private investigators provide an important function for attorneys, and valuable services to people in need of a variety of information. The following are just a few things private investigators can do for you. They can locate people There are many reasons why you may need to find someone. Perhaps you are an executor of a will and an individual stands to inherit a significant amount of money, but you have no idea where this person is. Read More 

Injured On Foot: Understanding Your Rights As A Pedestrian Accident Victim

Each year, many people are injured while simply walking. Whether you live in a big city or in a rural area, you could be at risk of becoming the victim of a pedestrian accident. If you were injured on foot, it's important that you know your rights. While many people know what to do if they were in a car accident, things can become murky when one party is on foot. Read More 

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do When Buying A Home?

Have you made an offer on a home and now you need to assemble a team of professionals to help you? If so, you'll definitely want to have a real estate lawyer on your team. Here are some of the things they will do to make the home-buying process easier. Review Your Purchase Contract  One of the first legal documents that you will have to sign is the purchase contract, which sets up everything for the home-buying process. Read More 

How Long Can Child Support Go On?

Parents of minor children will likely be dealing with child support issues when they divorce. The health and well-being of minor children are very important to the family court system. A myriad of rules, laws, and guidelines are in place to ensure that children don't suffer because of their parent's divorce. Child support may end at several points along the way. Read more below. Children Attain a Certain Age Almost all child support orders expire when the child reaches the age of 18 or whatever the age of majority may be in the parties' state of residence. Read More