Reasons to Post a Bail Bond Instead of Waiting in Jail

If you're arrested, you will likely be given the option of posting a bond to get out of jail while you await your court hearings and legal proceedings. While you will have to put some money up to get a bail bondsman, it's nearly always a better choice to bond out than it is to stay in jail until your entire case has been settled.

Court Scheduling Backups

Very few localities have a court system that consists of one single court appearance. If you've been arrested and charged with a crime, you will most likely have several court proceedings to attend. The entire process could take months, or even years in some cases, during which time you will be in jail unless you post a bail bond.

Health and Family Issues

Jails aren't good or supportive places to be, and most people are unable to thrive while in jail. If you post bond, you'll be able to live your life while going through the legal process with your court dates. 

Staying in jail could lead to physical health problems from inadequate nutrition and medical care, particularly if you have a chronic condition that needs regular medication or professional treatment. Close quarters in jail also mean infections and diseases such as influenza and COVID-19 can spread easily.

If you stay in jail, you'll have to change your routine and won't be able to see your family regularly. This could lead to strained relationships or even divorce or custody issues. Posting a bond means you'll have your outside support network while you go through the court process, which has a positive impact on mental health. 


While some jails allow people who are incarcerated while waiting on hearings to leave for work release, this isn't guaranteed. If you post a bail bond, you'll be able to keep your job and may not even have to tell your employer about your arrest depending on the crime you're being charged with and the laws where you work.

Defending yourself against a crime can be costly. You may have attorney fees, court costs, fines, and other expenses related to your arrest. If you stay in jail, you may lose your job and be unable to pay these costs.

Improved Defense

Getting out of jail on the bond may help improve your defense. When you're in jail, your attorney has to make appointments with the jail to see you and your time is limited and monitored. 

If you get out on bond, you'll be able to meet privately with your attorney on your own schedule, which can give your attorney more complete and accurate information to build your defense.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact a bail bondsman in your state such as Bail House Bail Bonds to go over your options and ask any questions you have about how the process works in your locality.