Got Involved In A Truck Accident? See The First 3 Steps You Should Take

One of the most challenging situations to face is getting involved in a truck accident. The injuries might take months to heal, while others could be permanent. Your truck and other personal assets could also suffer massive damage. The law allows you to file a compensation case against the other motorist, especially if they were at fault. However, the outcome of the case depends on how you handle yourself immediately after the accident. 

Here are three first steps you should take immediately after the accident to help your truck accident claim.

Get Emergency Medical Care

Your priority should be your health and the health of everyone who was in your truck at the time of the accident. If a pedestrian, cyclist, and other outsider gets hurt in the accident, ensure they also get the emergency medical help they deserve. The presence of emergency medical care experts at the scene of the accident helps you in several ways. 

First, it safeguards your life and minimizes the extent of the injuries. Secondly, it ensures that you start the process with verifiable evidence that you got hurt. Keep the documents about all the health and other expenses you incur because they will help support your compensation claim.

Get an Accident Report Copy From the Authorities

The second document that can build or damage your case is the accident report. The police who first arrive at the accident scene are responsible for recording the report. It is unlikely that you will be present or conscious in telling the police your version of the events. 

However, you should immediately reach out to the police after the truck accident and give them your version of the events. Note that in some states, failing to report an accident is illegal. Also, failing to make the report means that you will be relying on what the other motorist and the eyewitnesses say about the events leading to the mishap.

File a Claim With the Insurer

The last and crucial step to make is filing a claim with the insurer. File the case as early as possible, as this gives the insurer ample time to investigate it. Always stick to the facts when speaking to the adjuster. If you aren't sure you can handle them alone, have your truck accident attorney present from the first meeting.

The simplicity or difficulty you face when handling your truck accident claim depends on how you act after the accident. Hire a competent truck accident lawyer to help you gather the facts and get an easy settlement. Contact a truck accident lawyer for more information.