Filing Your Workers Compensation Claim? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Are you filing for workers compensation and thinking that you can file your claim on your own? If so, you're likely to make some mistakes along the way. Here are a couple issues you'll want to avoid if possible. 

Mistake 1: Not Telling Doctors That You Were Hurt At Work

One problem that people have with workers compensation claims is when they have inconsistencies in their story. This can happen if you don't tell your doctors how you were hurt or that the injury even happened at work. It's very important that you tell each health care provider the exact same thing so that your story is consistent. There should be mentions in your medical records about the injury happening at work to back up what you put in your claim.

Mistakes 2: Not Going To An Approved Doctor

If you like your primary care physician and have a good relationship with them, it's normal to want to continue visiting them to treat your injury. However, when you use workers compensation, you may not be able to go to the same doctor. This is because you are using a different type of insurance to get medical treatment, which has a different network of doctors than your current insurance. You'll need to visit an approved doctor if you want the costs to be covered by workers compensation insurance. If not, you could be accused of refusing medical care related to your injury

Mistake 3: Signing An Award Agreement Prematurely

You may get paperwork in the mail that is called an award agreement. This is the paperwork that you sign when you win your case and agree on the total compensation for your injury. One thing to know about this award agreement is that it finalizes your case. If your recovery extends far longer than what was estimated and you need additional medical care, you will not be able to request further compensation if you signed the award agreement prematurely. It helps to review all documents that you sign with a lawyer to ensure that you do not make this mistake. 

Mistake 4: Waiting Too Long To File You Claim

It's possible that you keep putting off the process of filing your workers compensation claim, or assuming that your employer is going to file it for you. This can cause you to end up missing the filing deadline and being unable to start the process. This often happens if people have nagging injuries that don't require major medical assistance at first, but the injuries get to the point where more serious care is required years later. 

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