First Two Things You Need To Do If You Are The Victim Of A Pedestrian Accident

The average individual will likely not want to consider the possibility of being a victim of an accident that involves a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, these accidents happen on a daily basis, and they may involve different types of vehicles. Yes, even motorcycles can result in individuals injuring others due to their negligence. 

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents involve pedestrians. These types of accidents can leave individuals unconscious with serious injuries or result in fatalities. However, there are instances when victims may be injured but coherent and able to walk and move their limbs. These individuals may assume that they are "shaken" by the events and dismiss the accident as not being serious. Some injuries and pain can surface hours or days after an accident. This is why it is important to do the following if you are are a pedestrian victim to a motor vehicle accident. 

Ensure Safety

If you can walk, attempt to get to safety. A safe area might be a sidewalk or the side of a roadway. There may be passersby who can help you walk or protect you from getting hit a second time by another vehicle if you have obvious signs of broken bones, cannot move, or cannot. 

Contact Emergency Personnel

You need to 911 or request that someone present calls in the accident. You may be leery to accept emergency treatment and transport to a hospital. However, this is the best way to ensure that you do not have any internal injuries that could become life-threatening. This is also your first opportunity to get documentation of injuries.

Any injuries including minor ones need to get documented as soon as possible. This is because insurance companies may challenge the validity of victims' claims. Some insurance companies may even insinuate that victims inflicted the injuries to themselves after the accident for financial gain. Prompt documentation can negate their attempts. Police officers documenting the accident scene will likely notate any obvious injuries in their reports and take photos of the scene. This documentation is also important.

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use to learn more about personal injury laws in your state. These laws can vary. Some of them may have thresholds that limit the amount of restitution that victims can receive. Others may have rules regarding the types of damages that victims can sue for. Many states also have a statute of limitations laws. If you do not file a  lawsuit or claim within a certain length of time, a court could dismiss the case.