Why It’s Important To Have Your Legal Briefs Professionally Printed

Being a new attorney comes with a lot of learning curves. While you may have learned a lot of information in law school, nothing can prepare you for the real world quite like diving in head first. In addition to learning things like how to communicate well with clients, there are a few housekeeping things that you need to know how to do and why. For instance, the type of court you are presenting in will determine how your briefs need to look once they have been printed. 

Why Do Colors Matter? 

When you are presenting in courts like the court of appeals, they tend to have stricter brief printing guidelines than other types of courts. Because appellate briefs can be really long, it's important that you know printing guidelines like why colors matter. Look on the courts website or contact a clerk regarding what kinds of colors you should print in. For instance, if you have a lot of pictures that you are submitting into evidence, they may want you to print in clear color, which means that you will want to definitely work with a brief printing company to ensure that you get high-quality pictures. 

Why Does Professionally Printing Matter? 

Printing costs can be an added expense that you may want to forgo when you are printing a legal brief, but sometimes it's just worth it for you to pay the extra fee. In addition to having your brief meet color guidelines, you will also need to ensure that it's the right font, the right size of paper, and that it's professionally bound. Although you can do a lot of the formatting from your computer, a brief printing service can double check everything or even format it for you, so that as soon as it is printed it's exactly how it should be. Once it has been printed, they can professionally bind it by meeting all of the standards that the court requires. 

When you file a legal brief, you want it to look as perfect as possible so that the content of your brief can be evaluated. Although these strict formatting guidelines may seem silly when you're a brand-new attorney, it's important for the courts because makes things a lot more legible, keeps things formal, and ensures that everything looks similar. To learn more about brief printing services, reach out to a printing shop near you today.