Sexual Harassment Can Occur From A Woman To A Man, Too

If you were to ask a few people around you about how they'd describe sexual harassment in the workplace, there's a good chance that they'd paint a picture of a male boss touching or making inappropriate comments about a female employee. There's no question that this sort of disturbing harassment occurs in many workplaces across the country, but some people may overlook that women can sexually harass male colleagues, too. As a man, it can be difficult to be in such a position because you may feel some amount of stigma from reporting it. However, you should still seek legal representation and discuss your options. Here are some things that you should know when you're a male who is facing sexual harassment from a female.

You're Not "Lucky"

If you were to divulge to a friend that a woman at work is sexually harassing you, his first comment might be that you're lucky. Many men have this mindset, but this isn't one that you should adopt. The reality is that you're not lucky. Someone is making you uncomfortable in the workplace, and regardless of the genders of those who are involved, this is an inappropriate situation. When you discuss this scenario with an attorney, he or she will be professional and understand that you're in the role of a victim.

This May Interfere With Your Career Prospects

Sexual harassment can often be destructive to your career. For example, if you've worked hard to get to the position in which you currently find yourself but are so miserable because of the harassment at the hands of a female colleague, you might think about quitting your position. Doing so would jeopardize the upward momentum that you've been making in your career, while the perpetrator of the harassment isn't punished at all. Thinking of your career is a good reason to contact a sexual harassment attorney.

It's Not Weak To Report It

There are definitely people who are aware that they're being harassed but who feel weak if they decide to report it. This is a mindset that can often be present when you're a male who is being harassed by a female. For example, you can rationalize that you're not in any physical danger, and you may also be worried about word getting out that you're taking legal action. It's important for you to remember that it's never a sign of weakness to report when something illegal is happening to you.