Follow The Proper Protocol When Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

Impaired mobility that is a result of being involved in an automobile accident can interfere with your livelihood and the option of handling the work duties that were previously assigned to you in your career. You may qualify to receive social security disability payments, and should seek assistance with filling out and filing the paperwork prior to being represented during a court hearing.

Receive Assistance With The Application

Not everyone qualifies for disability benefits, and the social security administration has a screening process that will determine if an individual receives approval for their application. Because of the strict nature of the social security laws, you do not want to forego your chance of receiving approval by filling out your paperwork on your own.

This is especially true if you have difficulty expressing yourself through writing and are not sure about how to describe your prognosis or the medications that you are currently taking. An attorney who practices social security law will walk you through the application process and explain what you may or may not encounter during the approval or denial phase associated with your personal application.

Furnish A Complete Copy Of Your Record

Your medical record is the primary proof that will determine your benefits eligibility. Instead of handing your attorney various medical bills or aftercare instructions that you were given during the treatment of your injuries, contact the local hospital or your primary caregiver to request a complete copy of your medical record.

In most cases, you can sign a waiver that will allow a medical professional to forward your record directly to your attorney. This will prevent you from losing the record and will prohibit anyone else from seeing your personal information. 

Retain Representation And Seek A Second Approval

A court hearing is usually held to determine an applicant's outcome. This is a standard procedure that should not alarm you or cause you to worry about being denied for benefits. You may or may not need to attend your initial court hearing. If your medical condition is keeping you from leaving the confines of your home, your lawyer may simply advise you to stay put and wait for them to contact you pending the outcome of the hearing.

If you are denied benefits, additional proof of your injuries and the mobility issues that you are encountering may be necessary. The social security administration will probably specify a particular doctor with whom they would like you to make an appointment. Follow this advice and provide your lawyer with an updated medical report so that they can submit this information.

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