Four Things A Good Criminal Defense Will Do For You – Besides Simply Arguing Your Case

Most people know basically what a criminal defense attorney is. It's someone who argues on your behalf, calls witnesses on your behalf, and who cross-examines witnesses that the defense puts forward. But there's actually so much more that a criminal defense attorney will do for you in a legal case. Here's a look at four of the biggest things you can expect.

Work to reduce your sentence

Commonly known as a plea bargain, a good criminal defense attorney will work with your prosecutor to lessen your sentence, and potentially eliminate charges against you. Of course, this involves both sides coming to an agreement, either to simply save the time of a lengthy court case, or because both sides are uncertain what the outcome of the case will be.

Work to structure your sentence

A good criminal defense attorney can actually arrange for your sentence to be structured in away that means you won't end back up in the court system. For example, if you're facing drug charges, instead of a 12 month prison term, your attorney may be able to negotiate 6 months in prison, and 6 months in a rehabilitation program. If your attorney can show you'll be working towards correcting the problem that cause your legal issues, there's a good chance you could see a reduced sentence.

Work to prepare you for the emotions you'll be facing

A criminal trial can be an incredibly emotional time for the defendant. Someone facing charges will likely be scared, confused, frustrated, angry, and more. A criminal attorney has logged countless hours in a courtroom though, and has seen every range of emotion possible. A criminal attorney's job is to help their client through the whole process. Having someone to tell you what to expect, and someone that can prepare you for the emotions to come can mean a great deal.

Work to find things you'd never know about

A criminal defense attorney has prepared for their job with not only countless hours in the courtroom, but countless hours in the classroom studying. They know very specific ins and outs of the law that you'd never be able to find on your own. Many laws and legal requirement are buried deep within other laws. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side could easily mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

If you're in the middle of a legal case, a criminal attorney is going to be one of the best investments you could make. Having one on your side will definitely make the process go more smoothly, and could lead to a lessened sentence or even charges being completely thrown out. Contact a law office, such as Hart Law Offices, PC, for more information.