3 Services A Private Investigator Offers To Attorneys And Individuals

Private investigators provide an important function for attorneys, and valuable services to people in need of a variety of information. The following are just a few things private investigators can do for you.

They can locate people

There are many reasons why you may need to find someone. Perhaps you are an executor of a will and an individual stands to inherit a significant amount of money, but you have no idea where this person is. Private investigators have resources that enable them to locate people that go far beyond what the average person has at their disposal. It is often possible for you to find the biological parent, you've been looking for. However, in this situation, even after the man or woman has been located, the investigator will not turn over this information unless the biological parent agrees to it. The privacy of birth parents will always be protected.

They can identify the assets of a spouse

This can be important for a spouse who is thinking about a divorce. Most often, it is a wealthy man who is married to a woman who may not know the extent of her husband's assets. If a wife wants a divorce because she believes her husband is cheating on her or other reasons, it is important for a divorce attorney to identify all the man's assets. At the first hint of a divorce, it is not uncommon for a person to begin hiding assets. If these assets are identified ahead of time, a divorce attorney will have the jump on a husband and have the wherewithal to win a wife's share of the marital wealth.

They can assist in determining if your spouse is cheating

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it is possible that you're wrong. By falsely accusing him or her, your marriage could be damaged in ways that will take a long time to repair. A private investigator can track your spouse to find out where they go when you're not around. They can document their meetings with others through photographs, and they can go so far as to find out who exactly they have been seeing. All of this can be done legally, but done in a stealth fashion, so your spouse will never know they are under surveillance. If it turns out that your spouse is not cheating, your marriage will be fine, and he or she will not be any the wiser.

Private investigators provide valuable services to both attorneys and individuals. They can locate people for both legal and personal reasons. They can help determine if your spouse is cheating on you, and they can identify assets prior to a wife informing her husband that she wants a divorce.

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