What Happens When Your Bail Bonds Is Revoked?

If you bail someone out of jail, then he or she is allowed to return to their normal life. Most people post a quick bail bonds in good faith. If the defendant decides to act poorly, then the court can revoke his or her bail.

Who Can Revoke Bail?

The rules and regulations for bail revocation varies depending on the state. Most states allow bondsman to revoke bail or to detain the defendant. However, a bondsman can only do this if the defendant is a flight risk or violating the conditions of the bail. On the other hand, a bondsman cannot revoke a bail because someone is behind on payments to the company.

The prosecutor and judge can also revoke bonds. However, the defendant can argue against the revocation. He or she has the opportunity to provide reason for this behavior in court.

Why Is It Revoked?

Poor behavior can cause a person's bail to be revoked. The three common causes are not appearing in court, committing a crime and violating a condition of your bail. A judge can issue a warrant when a defendant fails to appear in court. It is a crime in most states to not show up for court.

ForfeitingThe Bond

If a bail is revoked, then a defendant's bond is forfeited. When this happens, the defendant has to return to jail. This also means that property or money used to make the bail can be seized. The bail guarantor is the person who took out the bond. He or she may have to pay a bail bond fee when the bail is revoked.

The defendant can file a bail remission motion. The motion asks the court to give back the bond. If the court decides to refund the bond, then you can have what is left over after fines. The court can also decide to rule against the motion and keep your bond.

The defendant has the option of asking for another bail. However, the court probably will not grant a second bail. If you did not follow the rules the first time, then the court is less likely to give you a second chance.

Putting up a bond for someone can be a risk. On the other hand, a bail is only revoked when the defendant does not follow the conditions of the bail. For more information on quick bail bonds, talk to a professional like Chesterfield Bonding.